Rumah / Polisi Pulangan & Bayaran Balik
1.買家需清楚檢查商品,接受已列明的瑕疵,並已接受該商品 2.網上產數目未能即時更新,買家請先向職員查詢現有數目後才付款 3.貨品不接受退貨/換貨,如產品已出售,但買家以Strip形式付款,本店只會退還現金價款項,所有買家付款前必須先向職員查詢貨品現有數目 4.myyBRAND保證所經營的商品均為有關品牌之原廠正版真品,並非仿製品、冒牌或侵權贗品 5.買家需自行承擔順豐到付或香港郵政快遞服務之風險 6.買家下訂單後,本店需5至7個工作天確認款項後,並會將產出寄出,買家需確認有關收件地址及收件人資料,請耐心等候 1. Buyer agreed and considered the acceptance of the receipt of the goods purchased after checking 2.Our stock may not update instantly, please confirm the availability with us before check-out / make payment. 3.No Refund and Exchange, myyBRAND will ONLY refund the nett amount (not pay amount) in the event the item/s do not exist if the Buyer has not confirmed the stock availability with myyBRAND and make payment via Stripe. 4.myyBRAND guarantees that all its goods are genuine authentic items produced by respective brands and not replicas or fake items. 5.Buyer shall bare the full responsibility of losing items by using SF Express cash on delivery or Hong Kong Post Ordinary mail service. 6.Buyer ordered item will be on the way after the payment is confirmed within 5-7 days. Please ensure you have provided the correct contacts details for your to deliver safely.